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Today I hope to shamelessly pull at your heartstrings, 3 year old Maggie needs your help!

I hope you’ve read the story of Maggie! If not, you can read each part here. It is a powerful story of the journey of her mommy and daddy, her big brother, and of course, sweet Maggie.

Maggie needs a good wheelchair ramp to help her mommy and daddy get her power chair into their van so that she gets to go and do things just like other kids do!


If just 40 people made a $20 donation, she could have her wheelchair ramp. It’s really that simple! Will you be a Hero for Maggie? Can you spare a few dollars today? I am challenging you! If you cannot afford to donate, help by sharing her Go Fund Me page or this blog post!

Maggie has SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophe) which leaves her wheelchair bound. SMA is a disease that robs children of physical strength by affecting the motor nerve cells in the spinal cord, taking away the ability to walk, eat, or breathe.  Maggie will never walk like we walk, she will never run like we run, or feel what it is like to have tired legs. She has to have daily breathing  treatments and when she gets sick, it is much harder for her to feel better.  And despite all of that, she is one of the most magnificent little girls you will ever meet. She is always smiling, always happy, always dancing – just another one of God’s beautiful creations.


It’s a beautiful day to go to the park – so you pack a lunch, dress the kids and send them out to jump in the car. Sounds like a great day! And as simple and normal as that sounds to you, it’s actually something we all take for granted. Because when Maggie’s mommy and daddy want to take her somewhere, they have the struggle of trying to get her 250 pound wheelchair in the back of their van. So, what would make that easier for them? A good wheelchair ramp!

Maggie being wheelchair bound doesn’t mean that she can’t go and do just like all of the other kids her age. Maggie was blessed with an incredible electric wheelchair that helps her get around. With her adorable pink chair, Maggie can play with her big brother around the house, at the park, take trips to the store, trips to the zoo, and anything else you think a 3 year old would want to do. She can get around, actually MUCH faster than most of us. It’s pretty hilarious watching her power around her house after her mommy has told her to “turn that down” because she has upped the speed. She will look at her mom, turn it down, and then go down the hall and turn it up. Typical 3 year old, right?


So this amazing family is not able to go and do things like they should be able to. 

Maggie’s SMA doesn’t make her any less of a kid. She needs the opportunity to go shopping, go to the park, go to birthday parties AND most of all, visit her Aunt Nea Nea! Of course she can come see me any time she wants to, but she cannot bring her chair right now. Kind of a bummer for her.


Having this ramp would allow this family to take spur of the moment trips to fun places or simply take Maggie to the store with them. Something that seems so simple to the rest of us.

We need your help! It is time that Maggie, her big brother, and her parents are able to take Maggie places without such an enormous struggle. 

Even the smallest donation could change their lives forever. Please donate, share, and tell anyone you know who might be able to help Maggie and her family.


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