It’s Amazon Prime Day And These Are the Deals You Can’t Live Without!

Amazon Prime Day Deals you need STAT

Lemme just tell everybody how much I love Amazon. I feel like I’m part of some exclusive club with my annual subscription to Amazon Prime. 

And then when Amazon Prime Day arrives, I’m like a little kid at Christmas. It is how I do a huge amount of my Christmas shopping, in fact. Well, if you can call my birthday, which is July 21, Christmas. I know I do. I call it Christmas in July. But now I digress.

Let’s get down to the really important deets that you are all here to find out. The best deals that you cannot live without.

First, if you’re having trouble getting to the deals page, there IS a way around it. Go to This way you don’t miss out on the Amazon Prime Day deals while they’re hot!

Second, if you’re using, be sure to choose a charity! A small portion of your purchases will be donated to a charity of your choice through Amazon Smile! I choose Curesearch, which is a charity committed to finding a cure for children’s cancer. Only 4% of annual funds for cancer research go toward pediatric cancer. But that’s a conversation we will have another day. 

Kindles, Kindles, Kindles!

I was a late arrival to the e-reader. I am a self-described bookworm. I devour books. What makes it worse is that I am also a literary snob. I read, on average, about a book a week. Sometimes more, depending on how much I am neglecting my home and my children (or let’s face it, if Jodi Picoult has released a new book yet). With that being said, I have always loved the weight and feel of a book. I love the smell of the pages. I love the satisfaction of watching the stack of pages I’ve read get bigger and the amount left to read get smaller. It feels like…PROGRESS. 

Anyhow, the Kindle changed my life. Now I have about a zillion different e-readers in my house, and they all have different purposes. I have one that is strictly for reading outside. I have a Kindle Fire that is my portable tablet. And I have one for each of the kids. All said, there are no fewer than 8 Kindles of various ages and states of disrepair around my house now. Which is why it is IMPOSSIBLE to pass up the Amazon Prime Day deals on all things Kindle. Every one of their e-readers is deeply discounted today. Get the basic Kindle e-reader for just $49.99, which is a whopping $30 off the regular price. All of the Kindles are deeply discounted today, too. If you’ve been thinking about buying one or replacing an existing one, now’s the time. You won’t regret it!

Fire TV

I have been DYING to try a Fire Stick because I really hate paying $100 a month for cable. Today, Amazon is offering Fire TV starting at just $20! It’s not a per-month price, either. That’s forever. With Fire TV, you can access Hulu, Netflix, and Prime video. And that’s just the beginning! Over 500,000 movies and tv shows come pre-loaded and ready to access. I cannot WAIT to get it so I can ditch cable and the expensive monthly bill that comes with it. 

Seriously. $20 one time. And that would save me roughly $1200 per year. If you are spending money on cable but thinking of ditching it, now’s your chance. Do it with me. We can do it together. Then report back what you think and I’ll do the same. Deal?

Nintendo Switch or Xbox One Bundle

This is one that I am SUPER excited about. The Nintendo Switch is something my kids have been clamoring for since last winter. They already have the Xbox One, but for those who don’t, this is the time to jump in on it. I just bought the Nintendo Switch bundle to stash until Christmas and it’s gonna knock. Their. Socks. Off. Guess how much I paid for it? Guess? Don’t cheat. OK, I’ll just tell you. It’s not as fun when I can’t hear your guesses, anyway. $340! That is for the system, a 64 GB SanDisk memory card, and $20 e-cash. Although it looks like Amazon ran out of the bundles for the Nintendo Switch pretty quickly, you can still score the console for $297 if you act fast!


The Xbox One is offering a helluva deal today, too! If you’ve been waiting to get the Xbox until it came down in price from a few years ago, now is your chance to nab it. Get it and stash it for Christmas, like I did. Your kids will thank you for it. Right now, you can get the Xbox One 1 TB starter bundle for $229.99!! Holy hell, that’s a HUGE discount for the entire Xbox One package!

Fitbit Alta

I could kick myself for how much I paid for my Fitbit Alta a couple of years ago. The good news is, now that it’s a steal for Amazon Prime Day, I can get my oldest child one of these without spending a small fortune. He’s a cross country runner, and has been clamoring for one of these fitness trackers for a while. I was hesitant to buy him one because 1) the cost and 2) he has a habit of misplacing things. So now that it’s available on Amazon Prime for a whopping $70, it’s been purchased with zero guilt.

If you’ve been waffling about buying one of these things, now’s definitely the time to snag one. I love my Alta. My favorite feature isn’t even the fitness tracking–it’s the sleep tracking! Leave it to me to want to track my laziness as opposed to my fitness. But that’s a different story…

My Favorite of the Amazon Prime Day Deals…Instant Pot!

This one is legit a “Happy Birthday to MEEE” gift. The Instant Pot has been making waves now for a couple of years, and I have been coveting them ever since my good friend and business partner (who was my boss at the time, but we’ll delve into that later) told me about hers. I am somebody who absolutely loves cooking. I also absolutely love when I can cook with no fuss and little cleanup. It’s really an all-in-one gadget that will change. Your. Life.

I got a similar item from Santa for Christmas last year. It was a Cuisinart brand one. It prepared us exactly four meals before it died. That’s it. May it rest in peace. I had purchased it several months before Christmas and was past my exchange or return period. I also had no idea where the hell that receipt even was. And the box was lost with all the post-Christmas trash. It was amazing while it lasted. But that wasn’t nearly long enough. For Amazon Prime Day, they are offering the Instant Pot at an incredible $58.99 for the 6-quart Instant Pot. That’s a savings of 41%. And it’s ALL MINE!

Now that Amazon’s landing page is up and running (there was a technical glitch with their page earlier, much to the dismay of many many many shoppers), I have been trying really hard not to go too crazy with the deals and sales for Amazon Prime Day. I think I’m doing pretty well so far. Even if I am getting a bit overzealous with the Amazon Card. I may have to turn off the interwebs in my house for the rest of the day soon so I don’t get carried away. I am loving being able to buy gifts for Christmas at bargain prices right now. It’s good to try to get a jump on it now because who knows what will be happening in November and December? Stuff comes up when you’re running a household because, well, That’s Just Life. What are your favorite Amazon Prime Day Deals?

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