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This family is very important to me and my family. So I wanted to give you a bit of a story behind Maggie’s little life and why she so close to our hearts. To keep this from being a book, I will do a post today and a post tomorrow.

I have known Kelly, Maggie’s mommy since I was 13. I know you’ve heard of love at first sight; well this was best friends at first sight. Some people just “click,” but this was way more than that. From the very night we met, we were attached at the hip, and have been pretty much since that day (it makes me feel old to say it’s been 21 years). SO obviously, she holds a very special place in my heart. If you know her, you know that she is a lover, a giver, and an amazing mommy. She works hard and her kiddos are her life. I love her more than there are words. I have known Jason, Maggie’s daddy, for almost as long. We hit it off from the start too. He is quite a character, that Jason. Never a dull moment! When he loves, he loves big. And no matter whether your know him or not, or what kind of mood you are in, he will make you laugh, even if you do not want to. I love him to the moon. 

Without getting too personal, I will just say that Kelly and Jason have had their fair share of life trials. I mean, who hasn’t? But when those trials have to do with your kids, or trying to have kids, it really trumps everything else. Their journey has been a fun one and a difficult one for sure. Kelly went through something very difficult when they initially began to start their little family, she had a tubal pregnancy and it took a toll on her. But with a lot of faith and a little persistence, along came Landon. He is healthy as a horse and just as ornery as a boy should be! A few years pass by and Kelly and Jason decide that they are ready to grow their little family with another little Alexander. And that brings this story to a sweet Maggie girl. To be continued…..


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