Car Wash Benefit Tickets – Be A Hero 4 Maggie

Be a Hero 4 Maggie

Be a Hero 4 Maggie and Support Maggies Journey With SMA Type 2. Click Here to Pre-Donate. When you are done, click “return to That’s Just Life” and then print your ticket to bring with you to the car wash!

Be A Hero 4 Maggie

It is that time of year again; time to be a Hero 4 Maggie! The weather is warming up and the birds are chirping. So what better time than now to hold the Benefit Car Wash for Maggie! We had an amazing turn out last year, but of course, we are hoping for an even bigger turn out this year! The love and support that Maggie’s friends, family and this community have shown her and her family has been incredible. But the sad truth is that this family will have a lifetime of struggles, medical bills, and expenses that most of us could never even imagine. 

It takes on average $240,000 to raise a child from birth to 18 (according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture). For a special needs child like Maggie that amount QUADRUPALS. Your donation will be used to support the immediate cost Maggie’s family faces in providing her with the life that any child deserves, specifically the special transportation needs required with a child fighting SMA. Be a Hero 4 Maggie.

Most of us are aware of the physical limitations that come with the inability to walk and being dependent on a wheel chair. Now imagine you’re a toddler, with all the yearn to explore, touch, feel and discover your surroundings and the challenge Maggie and her family will face to nurture what would be non-obstacles for most children her age.

That is where #Heroes4Maggie will make a difference. The goal being to maximize Maggie’s quality of life by providing quality transportation for her that is accommodating to her limited mobility. A life that, while faced with physical challenges, should not be limited in its activity or hope.

We would LOVE to see you on Saturday, May 7th supporting Maggie and of course getting a once in a lifetime car wash! You can pre-donate here.  When you are done, click “return to That’s Just Life” and print the ticket to bring it with you on Saturday. Or just come see us! 

Be a Hero 4 Maggie

Can’t make it to the car wash but still want to help? You can make a donation to Maggie here or you can get some REALLY COOL gear in support of Maggie and her family. Plus, you would be helping to spread the word about SMA and the #Heroes4Maggie campaign! 


Please visit to see the original campaign to support Maggie. You can donate to her campaign on the Go Fund Me site, or here. If you use PayPal, there are less fee’s associated with the donation when the family uses the funds.

Read more about SMA here –


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