Freelantz Production – Sports Photos 2

Photos by Freelantz Production

Photos by Freelantz Production

Photos by Freelantz Production


This is my first post for “Shop Local,” and I hope that there are many more to come! 

There are not many things that are as excited as getting professional photos of your kids. I mean, I take a TON of pictures. My kids lovingly call me a picture Nazi. But I am not a professional photographer by any stretch of the imagination! Besides, taking the picture is only half the battle. I have probably 1k photos sitting on my SD card right now from football and volleyball games that I haven’t even had time to look at, let alone edit. That is probably a lie, actually, it is more like 2k.



We have known Dan Lantz for years. His son and my son have been “bro’s” as they say, since elementary school. Dan has been doing photography on and off for years. And he is really good at it. Anyone can take pictures, but Dan takes them to a whole ‘nother level. His photography skills are awesome, but so are his editing skills.

Maybe I am a bit biased, since we have known him for so long, but I think his pictures speak for themselves!



I am supposed to be trying to pick out a few of these pictures to print and mail to family members, but they are all SO GOOD that I cannot make up my mind. Will you help me chose? Comment your favorite! 

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    • Renee
      Renee Post author

      Right? I really cannot make up my mind. I think I might print a few and do a collage frame or something! You should def have some done. He is SO GOOD and really affordable! Let me know and I will get you his contact info.