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Dominique Kemper

Dominique Kemper

Read more about Dominique and why this is so important to her here. 

Dominique has continued to excel in her volleyball career. She made the Junior Varsity high school team this year as a sophomore. We accredit so much of this success to her time in the Ozark Volleyball competitive league. Tryouts this year will be in November, and we are hopeful that she is going to make a regional’s plus team this year. It is going to be a very exciting year! I am extremely excited and nervous of course. What does this all mean? We are trying to get a jump on fundraising this year. Last year proved to be much more expensive than we had originally thought, and this year will be even crazier. There will be more tournaments, which means more travel and more expense. 

We absolutely cannot thank our previous sponsors enough for their donations in previous years. We would not have been able to do all of this for Dominique without thier help. Playing Volleyball means everything to Dominique, and what competitive ball has done for her is priceless. We hope that she can continue to play competitive ball and HS ball, until she is recruited to play for college, which is her dream. Asking for help is not something I do often everyone’s willingness to help make my daughter’s goals attainable is simply a blessing. Anything you can offer this year will be hugely appreciated.

Dominique has a passion for life that many kids would not even understand at the age of 16. We are so proud of everything she has accomplished. She wants to be an Attorney Ad Litem, an attorney for children. Her passion for this comes from deep within and I know with every bone in my body, that is what she will make happen. She is well on her way to achieving this goal with a gpa of 3.8, several AP classes, and the determination to get her there.

Our fundraising efforts go toward the purchase her uniforms, to pay her club fees/tournament fees, cover her travel expenses, and a few private lessons. So in total, we are trying to raise $3000 to cover everything. It is a large expense, but there is nothing that means more to her than to have the opportunity to play competitive ball.Dominique Kemper

Because of the added expense and increase in cost this year, we are trying to get as many donations as possible early, so that going into the start of the season we do not have to stress about paying the organization and travel expenses, and can simply enjoy the season watching her play volleyball. 

Dominique is so incredibly determined.  It is one on the many things that makes her so remarkable. I know that by now, most of you know her story – If not, contact me and I will send it to you. It is heart-breaking, but also wonderful and encouraging.  Dominique is an inspiration to so many.  Her fight and determination, while initially sad, will move you.  She is determined to succeed despite her past.  Not all children of abuse can overcome the everyday obstacles, let alone make it as far as she has in such a short time! She is growing up too fast, but has grown into such an amazing young lady. 

She has a profound love for the game of volleyball.  Through this league as well as minimal private lessons, she has excelled.  She wants volleyball to pave her way to a college scholarship. She works diligently at her school work to maintain good grades all while working hard year round to improve her skills on the court. This hard work and dedication is evident through her being invited to try out for teams that surpass her age level.  This league will help her reach her goals of becoming a top notch, scholarship worthy volleyball player.Dominique Kemper

AAO and the Ozark Juniors Volleyball Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. These fee’s go to pay for uniforms, officials, equipment, tournaments, etc… Anything raised beyond that of the club fee’s will be used to cover her shoes, travel, food and any other equipment expense that is necessary for her to continue to play. Please contact me if you need the 501(c)3 information. 

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