Jay Franco & Sons Zippysack, Towel, Plush Pillow And Giveaway

Jay Franco & Sons Zippysack, Towel, Plush Pillow And Giveaway

When it comes to getting little ones to make the bed in the morning, the statement – the struggle is REAL – has never been more true. I am not sure why it is such a difficult and daunting task for kids, but it is. It is like you are asking them to scrub the toilet, with a toothbrush.  And the same can be said about my now teenagers, honestly!

This Jay Franco & Sons Zippysack not only takes the work out of making the bed – it actually makes it FUN! I may not have littles anymore, but I knew that Dakota’s little brother would go crazy over this awesome spider-man collection. The Jay Franco & Sons Spider-Man Collection which includes a Spider-Man Pillow Buddy, Spider-Man Hooded Beach Poncho, and a Spider-Man ZippySack.

Jay Franco & Sons Zippysack, Towel, Plush Pillow And Giveaway

If you have a kid – boy or girl – who LOVES spider-man, this will totally make you the cool mom. And if they don’t love spider-man, that’s okay too. They have a ton of other things to pick from like unicorns, puppies, dinosaurs, Frozen princesses and several others.

The Zippy Sack

The Spider-man Zippy sack is a really soft fleece blanket that is a mix between a fitted sheet and a sleeping bag all in one! It slides onto a twin-sized bed just like a fitted sheet. It really does hold onto the edges and stays in place – even with a squirmy boy inside. It’s just like a sleeping bag with the zipper running down one side so your child can crawl inside and then use the zipper to zip themselves up for a snuggly sleep time. This thing would also be perfect for sleepovers, camping, church camps, or anywhere you would normally pack a sheet and a sleeping bag.

Jay Franco & Sons Zippysack, Towel, Plush Pillow And Giveaway

The Hooded Towel

This thing is super awesome. It is super unique and different from any hooded towel I have ever seen before. Instead of the towel wrapping around like a robe or a regular towel, it goes over the head and body like a poncho. Which, if you have squirmy kiddos, you already know this is awesome.

Jay Franco & Sons Zippysack, Towel, Plush Pillow And Giveaway Jay Franco & Sons Zippysack, Towel, Plush Pillow And Giveaway

The Huggable Spider-Man Pillow Buddy

I was not expecting this to be as big as it was! At 24 inches long, it is just perfect! It isn’t so big that they cannot carry it around with them everywhere they go if they want. And it is just the right size to snuggle up to at bedtime.

Jay Franco & Sons Zippysack, Towel, Plush Pillow And Giveaway

Basically – you can have spidey protection wherever you are with this collection! On the go, at bedtime, or in the tub!

Want your own? Enter to win!

A prize pack consisting of three Jay Franco & Sons Spider-man products – a twin sized Spider-man zippy sack, a Spider-man snuggle pillow buddy and the Spider-man poncho hooded towel. Total retail value for this prize pack is $75.

To enter: Fill out the form below by 9/22/2016. Giveaway is open to the US.

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This is a sponsored review and I was sent a package to test out for myself.

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