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Mother's Day

Some may think this is a simple question with a simple answer. But I don’t think so, not at all. I mean I am sure that you have asked your mom, wife, whoever it is you are celebrating for Mother’s Day what they would like, as in a gift.

But what do they REALLY want?

This is one of those questions I do not even like to be asked. Can I speak for the entire world of mom’s out there? Well no. And I am sure there is someone out there who would disagree with what I am about to say – but you be CRAY CRAY if you do. No, really.

The truth is Mother’s Day tends to just another day for most moms.

You see ads, commercials, gift guides and things of the like all over the internet about what to get Mom for Mother’s Day. Buy this piece of expensive jewelry to show your love – buy this enormous box of chocolates to show your love – buy the most expensive flowers to show your love.

Mother's Day

Look, I am not saying that I cannot be bought and paid for with some chocolate – Let’s get REAL. But I am definitely saying that is probably not the way to celebrate ME on what is supposed to be my day.

Anyone can go out and buy some beautiful jewelry, chocolate and some flowers. And whoever you are buying them for will most likely love and appreciate you for doing exactly that. But how is that celebrating her? How is that thanking her for all of the things that she has done for you? Why don’t we take just a minute and think about ALL of the things a mom represents, what she does for us on a daily basis, and how we can actually celebrate her and show our thanks – without money and tangible items.

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Moms are basically superheroes.

They taught us how to crawl, and walk, and dream. They are our protectors, our advocates, our friends and our confidants. Most of the moms that I know work harder than ANYONE ELSE that I know. They take no days off. They are brave, beautiful, kind, and strong. And even when they think they cannot do one.more.thing. they keep going, they do it anyway. Because they are moms. Moms put others first, nearly always; they juggle life, work and play. Rarely taking time to take care of themselves. And I DO LOVE being a mom!

Mother's Day

My Beautiful Mom!

They are the glue that holds the home together, the one who does the dishes, cooks the meals, does the shopping, reads the homework folders, schedules the doctors’ appointments, and takes care of her people when they are sick. Plus SO much more that just won’t even fit into one blog post. Maybe they do all of this and they work, or maybe they don’t. It doesn’t matter.

All moms have at least one job, if not two or three or four.

And that is not to say that dads do not do their fair share, maybe you split everything 50/50. That is great – we do that too. But most of the family admin duties fall on mom in our house, and I suspect that is the case in most households. But seriously, stop and think about everything your mom, your wife, or whoever, did or does for you and your family every single day. How can you possibly celebrate her for all of those incredible things? We can celebrate dad when it’s his turn.

Mother's Day


So this Mother’s Day don’t go spend money. Or do. But do something for her also. Something that cannot compare to any tangible gift. Cook the meal, take her to dinner, clean the WHOLE HOUSE (or pay someone to do it, whatever, at least she isn’t doing it), as a matter of fact, just make her some dessert. It is really quite simple.

No matter what the responsibility might be, for at least one day, make sure she has NO responsibilities.

Give her one day of peace, tranquility, no dishes, no work, no toys to clean up. Let her lay in bed, read or watch TV, and make sure you take her all the food – including those chocolates – while she is doing nothing.

Mother's Day

My family asks me every year what I want for Mother’s day – or birthday, or Christmas – and my answer is the same every single year. Do something for me that allows me to NOT have to do it for you. My husband tells me all the time “turn your brain off, you are always thinking, stop it.” Much easier said than done. But this Mother’s day – that is exactly what I want. I want to power down, shut off my brain, and probably watch something completely useless on TV. Because I can and because that is my Mother’s Day gift from them.

What is your Mother’s day wish? Do you agree with my thoughts about celebrating moms or would you rather have that gift? Or maybe both, I mean I would be okay with both.

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