National Public Lands Day – Discover The Forest

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Did you know? Children who play outside are more creative, have lower stress levels and more active imaginations. They also become fitter and leaner, develop stronger immune systems, and have greater respect for themselves and others as well as the environment.


Getting outside and discovering the outdoors is one of my family’s absolute favorite things to do. We do not get out and do it near enough. For us, it really makes no difference what we are doing, as long as we are outdoors. But some of our favorite trips are when we go hiking, fishing, canoeing and geocaching. We are so bad about aimlessly wandering into hectic schedules, technology overload, and the never ending busy world around us, and never getting out to do what we want. We simply have to stop, put away all of the electronic gadgets (except the compass, of course) and make a point to get outside!

If you have never experienced geocaching, you should check it out! We are addicted.


Living in Arkansas, there is no shortage of abundant wilderness to explore. I have lived here nearly all of my life, and I still have not been to every national forest that is near me. But, that is on our family bucket list! We try and take as much time as we can, especially during the spring and fall, to get out and explore. Creeks, rivers, forests, caves, who wouldn’t enjoy that?


With all of the new technologies and overscheduling of today’s world, it’s easy to forget just how close—and how important— your local forest or green space really is for your kids! There are many developmental benefits for children who spend time in nature, and it’s closer than you think.


Saturday, September 26th, is National Public Lands Day! This is a day to encourage your family, friends and colleagues to enjoy your local #Naturehood. What is #Naturehood, you ask? It is the forest that is right in your neighborhood, and you may not even know it. Beyond the swings, slides and clearings, there are trails, trees, wildlife and water just waiting for you.

The forest and the outdoors are a place for adventure, learning, fun, and discovery! You can even incorporate it into homeschool lessons, or just a fun weekend science lesson.  The forest provides many benefits, like fresh water, shade and fresh air. There are so many possibilities. It might be tough deciding where to begin. Check out these games and activities, which can help get you going.


Forest Snapshot Game – Get behind the lens and take photos of your favorite forest friends in their natural settings.

  • Biodiversity Bingo – How many different kinds of plants and animals live in your neighborhood? Find out by trying this PBS KIDS Plum Landing scavenger hunt!
  • Forest In the City – Can there be a forest hiding inside the city? Watch this PBS KIDS Plum Landing video with Ranger Jesse and find out!
  • Sound Safari – What kinds of sounds do you hear around your neighborhood? Try this PBS KIDS Plum Landing Sound Safari activity to find out!
  • Use A Compass – Finding your way with a compass is easier than you think. Learn an important skill for navigating the forest.
  • Leaf Rubbings – Leaf rubbings are a cool way to document your forest discoveries. See what they’re all about, then get outdoors and make your own.

Visit the “What to Do” page for a full list of fun activity ideas to get you started on your outdoor adventure!


What else can you do to help with National Public Lands Day? Get the word out to friends, family and colleagues about how important it is to step outside and take a breath of fresh air! Share one of these sample social media updates: 

  • Forests are magical places. It’s easy to forget that as you age- the world around you can begin to feel more and more ordinary. Find your local #Naturehood by visiting today. It’s time to reclaim your child’s imagination.
  • See adventure in the everyday. Find your local #Naturehood by visiting today. It’s time to reclaim your child’s imagination.
  • Forests the size of your backyard are transformed into fantasy worlds through our kids’ eyes—because when they’re small, everything is big. Find your local #Naturehood by visiting today.
  • Exposure to nature improves kids’ awareness, reasoning and observational skills. Find your local #Naturehood by visiting today. It’s time to reclaim your child’s imagination. 


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