Super Wubble Bubble Ball Review & Giveaway!

Super Wubble Bubble Ball Review & Giveaway

Super Wubble Bubble Ball Review & Giveaway

The Wubble Ball is one of those toys that it really doesn’t matter what age you are – you are going to have fun with it – and you are going to feel like a little kid when you play with it. I promise, you won’t be able to help yourself. We bought a Glow Wubble last year and the teenagers were like little kids all over again playing with that thing. I was pretty excited to get to review the new Super Wubble Ball – AND actually see smaller kiddos play with it vs my teenagers.

The Super Wubble Blue Bubble Ball with Pump looks like a bubble and plays like a ball. This is the strongest Wubble Ball ever made. It looks like a bubble and moves like a bubble but won’t pop like a bubble! Kick it, whack it, throw it and bounce it. It’s squishy, super soft and light-weight. Play indoors and outdoors in any season. Fully inflate your Wubble in just minutes with the included Wubble Pump. When you’re finished playing, you can even deflate your Wubble and put it away for next time. Wubble pump requires 4 AA size batteries sold separately. Includes 1 Wubble bubble ball, 1 Wubble pump, 1 nozzle, 1 pack of petroleum jelly pouch and instruction sheet. Ages 6 and Up.

Super Wubble Bubble Ball Review & Giveaway

See for yourself how Super Wubble holds up in the fun YouTube series, Super Wubble Vs. The World, where NSI International, the makers of Super Wubble, drop all kinds of objects on the giant bubble ball from the top of a building. Watch Super Wubble take on everything from a pineapple and a bowling ball to a shopping cart and a toilet! And guess for yourself: Will it pop?

Just as sort of a disclaimer – my teenage son aired this up WAY too much (on purpose) because, well, teenage boy. So – if you chose to do this, know that bigger = thinner = you will probably pop it.

Super Wubble Bubble Ball Review & Giveaway

 Remember, while Super Wubble is strong, it’s not indestructible. It can pop if it comes into contact with sharp objects like tacks, broken glass, sharp fingernails or branches – or if played on a rough surface like concrete. For maximum strength and durability, NSI recommends inflating it no more than 30 inches.

I do recommend having fresh batteries on hand because the pump will require the juice. This isn’t just a piddley little pump; it does push a good amount of air, so you really need good solid batteries. I mean, imagine trying to blow up an air mattress with a pump that has old batteries – safe to say, it probably won’t get you very far.

Because my son had some experience with his other Wubble – I let him take charge! He blew this one up with no issues and away they went. It didn’t take long for it to blow up and the kiddos were all too eager to see what they could do with it. They threw it, squished it, and sat on it – inside and outside – and by the time we left their house they were still playing with it!

Super Wubble Bubble Ball Review & Giveaway

Our Glow Wubble that we had previously did finally pop, but it took the wrath of teenagers doing everything they could possibly thing of to MAKE it pop – because that is what teenagers do, right? But so far so good on this Super Wubble – with the wrath of young ones!  

They have more than just the Super Wubble too. They have the Tiny Wubble and the WubbleX – which is what I want to try next! Because it is filled with helium – seriously, how fun would that be?

Super Wubble Bubble Ball Review & Giveaway

Overall we are very impressed with the Super Wubble Bubble Ball. We have had no issues with the ball or the pump, and of course, the kids absolutely loved it. They are affordable and worth every penny for hours of fun! We will be buying a few for Christmas gifts this year!

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Disclosure: I was given a sample of the Super Wubble in exchange for my honest opinions. All opinions are mine and mine only – no opinions are ever influenced by samples or compensation for a review.
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