The Magic in WubbleX

In reviewing the Glo Wubble, we also got the opportunity to review the WubbleX which is SUPER cool! I mean I loved the Glo Wubble too, because it was huge – but the WubbleX is basically magic. It floats around in the air JUST like a real bubble. My kids, you would think, are too old to play with bubbles. But I wouldn’t agree. I don’t think you EVER grow out of blowing bubbles. So that makes the WubbleX even better.


WubbleX is an “anti-gravity” gravity ball which can be inflated with helium and used indoors. The can of helium is used to inflate the ball and it was super simple for us to figure out. The kids actually did it themselves, without any help from us.

To get the fun started, you just apply a small amount of supplied petroleum jelly to the fill tube, pinch the ball until you feel the valve, and insert the tube 1 inch into it. You then fill the ball until it starts to float, then just remove the filling tube and cap off the opening with a sealing tab. When you’re inflating the ball, it’s better not add enough helium at first and then test it out because you can always add more helium if needed. But if you add too much from the start, your WubbleX will end up floating around your ceiling.

We were having so much fun with these; I forgot to take pictures of the kids playing with them. I know, I know, blogger fail, right? But they ARE super neat. They look exactly like a bubble, but with a little color in them. They are translucent and squishy and they float all over the place. I think the kids had the most fun attempting to throw them at each other, but it could be because they are teenagers. My son really loved doing “tricks” with it. Like having it hover over the top of his finger and circling it around his hand – wish I had gotten video of that one.


One thing I definitely loved is that it can be deflated and then re-inflated with the can of helium, so it isn’t like a one-time use kind of thing. I think my son wound up playing with the WubbleX more than my daughter. He tends to multitask, like watching TV and playing with this ball – or reading and walking around at the same time. So this kept him pretty busy on and off for hours.


It only stays inflated for about 20-30 minutes, so you do have to inflate it again if you want to continue playing with it, but because it was such a simple thing to do, it wasn’t really a burden at all. Overall it was a lot of fun to play with and we burned several hours before we even knew it.


“I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own.”

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