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I am so honored and excited that I get to be a part of The Mom Quilt! Over 60 wonderful moms and bloggers contributed to make this eBook, each sharing a special story from their heart about life as mom.  I feel privileged to have my story published along with the other incredible stories.

The Mom Quilt is an eBook compiled by PaulaBecky Mansfield and Jodi Durr to benefit the Mercy House in Kenya, founded by Kristen Welch.


I do not think there is a single mom out there who has had the exact same experience as another mom. Maybe similar, but never exact. I have many friends and hundreds of acquaintances who are moms, and no one that I know shares my exact experience. I am completely okay with that. Our experiences as a mother do not define who we are completely, but they certainly have a lot to do with it. And if you know me at all, you know I prefer not to be like anyone else.


The best part about every mom having new and different experiences in raising their little ones, we all get to learn and grow from each other! Somehow with all of our different backgrounds, goals and experience, we unite as one when it comes to motherhood. I am not afraid to admit, I cry easily. I am 100% certain that this book is going to have me in tears, and I can’t wait! Weird, right? I hope that my story gives hope and inspiration to others, but I am also VERY excited to gain that same hope and inspiration from the other stories in this book.

These stories are a reflection of the things we share and the things that make us unique. It is emotional and beautiful, you will likely laugh and cry right along with the authors as they share an authentic glimpse into their lives, struggles, joys and successes.


In addition to being encouraged yourself by this book, 100% of the money from purchases of the book will be going towards building a water well in Kenya on the Mercy House property. Currently, water is trucked in from miles away. It is costly in time and money and we would love to take away that stress and expense from the ministry so they are freed up to focus in other areas.


Our first and current goal is to raise $40,000 through book sales to cover the cost of this well, which is being built on top of a mountain, where the Mercy House is located.

This is no small feat in and of itself, but we have every confidence that we will be able to raise that money and more through the sales of this wonderful book! You can buy your copy of the book here, starting on Monday. Every dollar will go towards the Mercy House project, and you will even be able to overpay for the book if you’d like to send more money towards the project. As we progress is our fundraising goal, we will update the image below so you can see how much money still needs to be raised. The well will slowly fill up with blue until we reach our goal.

The Mom Quilt

The Mom Quilt

What happens after the $40,000 is raised? Well, we will continue selling books, and the proceeds will continue to benefit MercyHouse. When the time comes to select a new fundraising project we will be sure to update this page accordingly!

Thank you for joining us on this journey! Click here to learn more about The Mercy House and their work in Kenya. And you might as well go ahead and grab an entire BOX of tissues before you start reading!!



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