The Mom Village
One of my favorite projects each year is the book we do benefitting a different organization. Last year, we worked on a book together called the Mom Quilt. The proceeds from the book went to build a well in Kenya for the Mercy House. This provided not only clean drinking […]

The Mom Village - Encouraging Moms Through Stories

As an empty nest is slowly creeping up on me and my husband, we are really starting to think more about what our future looks like with only two of us. Looking back at our kids growing up, it feels like it was fast and furious. We invested so much […]

5 Retirement Tips to Start Right Now

Hummel Giveaway
I was recently introduced to these adorable figurines and I instantly fell in love. I think it was both a combination of – of course – how adorable they are, but also the incredible history of the brand and how it became what it is today. M.I. Hummel is a company that has […]

Adorable Hummel Figurines + A Giveaway!

Super Wubble
It is that time of year when it is starting to get a bit chilly outside. So, when you have two REALLY bored kids on your hands, what do you do? As parents, we look for things that are entertaining but will also get the kids up and moving – […]

It’s a Super Wubble That Glows + A Giveaway!

What is The Other F Word, you ask? Well, depending on how you are using it, I guess it could be many things. But The Other F Word I am excited about is the Amazon hit series that is back for a second season! Last year when I wrote about […]

It’s Back! The Other F Word Season 2 is Here!

Child Passenger Safety Week
Did you know that every 33 seconds a child under 13 is involved in a car crash in the United States due to incorrect or misuse of a car seat? No? I didn’t realize that startling statistic either. I also did not realize that over half of car seats are […]

Child Passenger Safety Week – What You Need To Know

This back-to-school year is a bittersweet one for our family. It is the last back-to-school that we will have with our kids because they are starting their Senior year in high school. And as I sit and think about what we must do to prepare them for a fresh start […]

Are You Back-To-School Ready?

For generations, parents and caregivers have tried to teach children the value of a dollar. There are many tools at their disposal — allowances, chores, and of course, piggy banks! My kids, now teenagers, are truly learning the value of a dollar. And while we have always preached at them […]

My New Financial Secret Weapon: Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Do you ever look at yourself and wonder who that person in the mirror actually IS? I mean, where has the time gone? When I was younger, I would look at the people who are my age and think to myself, “that person is old!” Now, I AM that old […]

Seniors in High School? How did THAT happen?

If you have ever been in a vehicle accident, especially one where your kids were in the car, you understand just how scary that feeling really is. I know it all too well, unfortunately! We have been in a few accidents, and while none of them were any fault of […]

Do Your #KidsBuckleUp Like They Should?