Raising Uncommon Kids: 12 Biblical Traits You Need to Raise Selfless Kids 4
“If I wanted my daughter to change, I realized, the change had to start with me.” – Sami Cone This book gives a powerful message – one we often do not think about. I consider myself a very compassionate, kind, and caring person. When I give, I give everything I […]

Are We Raising Uncommon Kids? We Should Be!

  If more of us actually knew the signs of learning and attention disorders, I do not think that so many children would go undiagnosed every single year. It is so sad that we as a community are so uneducated about what those signs are. One in five children struggles […]

Learning and Attention Disorders Just Need to be Understood

Get Foreclosure Help Now Before It Is Too Late
No one thinks it can happen to them, but it does happen. I am talking about foreclosure. It is a nauseating word, but it happens every single day to millions of American families. While there are signs that the country and the housing market are recovering from this most recent […]

Get Foreclosure Help Now Before It Is Too Late

The Other F Word Is A Brilliant Production
Award-winning filmmaker Caytha Jentis (Bad Parents, And Then Came Love) just launched a vibrant new series which is now streaming on Amazon Prime. Jentis’ series, The Other F Word, is at the fingertips of moms who are struggling with an empty nest and need a character driven show to get hooked […]

New Series – The Other F Word – Is Basically ...

Chronic Absenteeism
We are about 9 weeks (give or take) into the school year so far. My babies are JUNIORS in high school. I am not even sure how that is possible, honestly. They are doing adult-y things like driving, and dates, and jobs. But they are still my babies. And while […]

Chronic Absenteeism – Real Kids Need Real Help!

Super Wubble Bubble Ball Review & Giveaway
The Wubble Ball is one of those toys that it really doesn’t matter what age you are – you are going to have fun with it – and you are going to feel like a little kid when you play with it. I promise, you won’t be able to help […]

Super Wubble Bubble Ball Review & Giveaway!

3D Coin Art Is Fun For All Ages
Use Your Spare Change to Create a Work of Art! We had so much fun with this flag. My son has always loved loose change. When he was little, his grandpa would collect special dollar coins for him to save and he still has them in their folders. So when […]

3D Coin Art Is Fun For All Ages + Giveaway!

Take the time to spread the message of how important Child Passenger Safety week really is!
Child Passenger Safety Week Can Save Lives It is no secret; it has been quite some time since I had little ones of my own. My kids are “all grown up” (not really, but they sure act like it sometimes). I mean right now my biggest worry is the fact […]

Child Passenger Safety Week Can Save Lives

Jay Franco & Sons Zippysack, Towel, Plush Pillow And Giveaway
When it comes to getting little ones to make the bed in the morning, the statement – the struggle is REAL – has never been more true. I am not sure why it is such a difficult and daunting task for kids, but it is. It is like you are […]

Jay Franco & Sons Zippysack, Towel, Plush Pillow And Giveaway

Since the campaign initially launched in 2010, Finish Your Diploma has helped more than 800,000 adults in all 50 states find free test-prep classes in their area.
There is always so much excitement around the weeks leading up to back to school. We get our shopping lists for supplies, new school clothes, and we start getting ourselves prepared for a new schedule. And even as parents, when our kids go back to school, our schedules change. Do […]

Finish Your Diploma! It’s Never Too Late!

Smokey Bear Said It Best - Only YOU Can Prevent Wildfires
Smokey Bear has to be one of my all-time favorite things. I love his love of nature and of course his love of animals. If you know me at all, you know that I am a sucker – a bleeding heart. Especially when it comes to furry creatures, it doesn’t even […]

Smokey Bear Said It Best – Only YOU Can Prevent ...